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A group for teens to discuss tips on sports, losing weight,beauty tips, and diets.
kob123 24-04-2012 20:53
Hi! can anyone tell me that doing SHAPE exercises r better than POWER exercises, for a fit and well muscular shaped physique?
carrief299 24-04-2012 23:16
honestly idk
jmh042896 05-05-2012 02:27
I would figure shape would be better to tone everything but I would do both if I were you. But I'm just doing the shape exercises.
zcatchpole 17-05-2012 00:36
if you want to build on shape and muscle you need to do heavy weight and less reps,if it is strength that you want you just want low weight and more repetitions
kob123 20-06-2012 17:00
aislinnpeters 23-07-2012 21:50
as in the categories on here?
I wasn't sure what to pick either because I want shape, muscle and vitality :/ I picked vitality in the end because I thought muscle might set me goals to gain weight which I don't want and I need to lose weight and build muscle so purely weight loss goals won't help me either because i might gain muscle and throw off the scales results so i thought vitality would be best of both and more about my actual health which is what is most important :)
Ali Asif 16-08-2012 22:51
Shape is the way to go!!!
britt.paige.jones 08-10-2012 03:04
Well you need to do cardio to lose weight and build muscle :)
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salpishady 5 days ago
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drawingamour 4 weeks ago
Does anyone knows butt and breasts workouts? Im 14 and I swim two times a week.
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daddysbiggirl57 4 months ago
Hii, am 17, trying to gain some weight LOL as am going back to Athletics ...any ideas anyone?  
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Vexy 5 months ago
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gabbypal 8 months ago
I'm 16 going on 17 in less than 2 months I'm trying to train for an Army scholarship, but I also want to work on "toning" some parts that I don't really like about my body like my tummy and thighs. Any suggestions?
Jimmy. 8 months ago
Get a fit plan and join challenges...  
It helps competing with others, you're more motivated...  
Awesome group.
nicwright2000 3 months ago
Tricep dips on  chair, crunches/bicycles, declines, leg lifts. 3 sets of 5-10 reps.
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nikola.j.radic 9 months ago
I am 14 year old.My problems are belly and low condition.Some help?
paraskevi-95 8 months ago
You can do some cardio like walking, biking as well as swimming.For your low condition I recommend biking.
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dabous98 9 months ago
i,m 15 and i have a little bit belly and "hormone nipples"
so plz help me get rid of those 2 things
Muhd Amirul 9 months ago
Appropriate exercise for you is the push-up, do all kinds of crunch, eating healthy food do not eat junk food, drink plenty of plain water do not drink a lot of water that's sweet that I can help. Thank You...
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vane5saviegas 10 months ago
I'm 15 almost 16  and i'm always underweight and i'm tryin to have the perfect body that i always wanted. Nice legs,arms,breasts and butt. What exercise can i do to help me reach that goal?
mskaw 9 months ago
I had the same problem, i fixed it by eating 3 meals a day on a balanced diet and going jogging everyday (so i wouldnt get podgy or fat) now i have bigger breasts a firm butt and thin but strong legs, if jogging isn't right for you i would suggest doing sit ups at least 3 times a week Good luck
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missloujayne 11 months ago
Im 17 and need to loose weight on my thighs and tummy for august, whats the best excersise to do this? after loosing weight i would also like to tone up my tummy..?
paraskevi-95 8 months ago
Biking will help you shape your thighs aswell as working out on an elliptical trainer.To burn belly fat you must eat 5-6 small meals(you have 3 main meals), your main meals can contain meat, fish, vegetables or fruits. 1 or 2 from your main meals can contain baked potatoes or a slice of bread.For snacks you can eat fruits ex. apple, banana, 8 berries,10 nuts of your choice (without salt).For breakfast you can eat eggs, greek yogurt with fruits or a sandwich of 2 slices of bread with ham, cheese and vegetables(if you eat a sandwich in the morning you can have a small baked potato in the evening).
paraskevi-95 8 months ago
2 days of the week you can have a bar of dark or milk chocolate ad your cheat meal.Avoid diet soft drinks, you can drink a regular one as one of your cheat meals.To tone up your tummy you can do crunches, sit-ups, sit-ups arms extended, diagonal side crunches(you can use a medicine ball for all your crunches if you want).To support your whole core you can do some back exercises like superman, bicycle and side bicycle.
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hey139 14-04-2013 21:18
I'm 14 and I need to gain like 16kilograms! Any help? Also, should I exercise even though I'm underweight?
Muhd Amirul 15-04-2013 03:43
what weight are you now?
paraskevi-95 8 months ago
If you need to gain try to eat healthy foods and do some weight trainning with dumbells, weights or even machines at a gym.
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