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Virtuagym Feedback & Support

We are continuously improving this system. Your feedback will always be appreciated. Use this group to report bugs, suggest new features or give compliments about the system. We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for your input!
Team Virtuagym
fitnessgo 11-04-2012 10:31
Hi, i was wondering if you could add some more goals to track? I would really like to be able to set distance goal, forexample set weekly distance goal to 100km and then it tracks and combine all my distance activities like walking, running, skiing and so on. and it would be awesome if you could goal track these individually too, same goes for strenght training.
Ogasav 11-04-2012 12:12
Great idea, im for this to.
rforsburg 12-04-2012 13:22
I was asked the other day if it is possible to see your monthly fitness points when your not in the top 100. I could not find a way. Could it be added to the profile under the total earned? This would help to show users how close they are for the month to top 100 for them to stay motivated and help push themselves.
lostbuckeye2010 12-04-2012 18:36
I just joined, any suggestions for building muscle mass and endurance.
GrAnt 14-04-2012 12:24
Great idea. I would also like to see a possibility to add such goals as for example:
- to make XX pull-ups
- to run XX kilometers for less than XX minutes
Hugo 01-05-2012 14:05
It's on our todo list! :)
binaryme65 03-05-2012 11:34
@rforsburg, I like this idea. It would be good to see my username at the bottom of the list with the current ranking... so if I was at 115 or 132 (or whatever) I would have some idea how hard I need to work to get into the top 100.
fitnessgo 06-05-2012 13:44
rforsburg, I like that idea too
Hugo 10-05-2012 11:06
@rforsburg: thanks for the feedback. Calculating everyone's EXACT position is very hard, because this changes every minute / second and has to be calculate of all users. However, we could give a more general insight in position or show your Fitpoints earned in the current month, so you have a better idea. We'll have a look at it!
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For some reason my login no longer reflects me as being the coach (employee), it has me as a standard user? Do you know what is going on?
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darrynonline 6 days ago
Hey guys, I've just noticed that the exercise "Bench Press narrow - Smith Machine" doesn't seem to have any fields to input the weight being used, please could this be added?
Hugo 5 days ago
Thanks for letting us know Darryn, we just fixed it for you!
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fitnessgo 1 week ago
I still have the log in problem when using virtuagym on my laptop. I have to press the "lost login information" and set a new password everytime I want to log in on my profile.
When i try to log in using my user and password my homepage appear but I cant add, write anything and in the top corner it says "log in"..
Please help
Markh07 previous week
Please make sure the "remember me" box is checked, some users experience issues when unchecking that box. We're working on a solution!
fitnessgo previous week
Hi thanks for the fast reply. Iv tried to check the remember me box and now everything works smoothly :)
Markh07 previous week
Glad to hear that fixed your issue :-) we're still working on a solution. I'll let you know when we fixed that.

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kapil.dhull.520 2 weeks ago
i am not able to write motivation massege
Floor Ploeg 2 weeks ago
Hi Kapil,

Thanks for your message! Could you tell me a little more about the issue you are facing? Is something not working for you or do you miss something in the system?

Hope to hear from you!
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I have suggestion about nutrition plan's app. It would be much esear to add food with option to "construct" it:
- choose indigrients food contains;
- set aprocimate proportions of them as well as total size of portion.
As it is now, I do not recognise which food I use and which I don't. But this way would be more flexible and would fit better to different countries.
I is a bit too time consuming to use as it is now.
Floor Ploeg 2 weeks ago
Hi Krisjanis & Claudine,

Thanks for your messages!

These suggestions sound like a great addition to the nutrition app. We are actually working hard on improving this app so keep your eyes open for updates! I will pass these suggestions on to my colleagues and keep you updated.

Have a great weekend!
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Carlo Padilla 2 weeks ago
How do i copy mt entire day of workout to another day?
Floor Ploeg 2 weeks ago
Hi Carlo,

Thanks for your message!

You can copy your workout of the entire day by going to the activity calendar, going to the day you want to copy, and tick the little box to the right of "activities this day", this will give you the option "copy to".

Good luck!
Carlo Padilla 2 weeks ago
Hi thanks for your reply. I only get an option to check, uncheck or delete an activity. I'm only using a free version of the app i hope it has nothing to do with it. Thanks.
Floor Ploeg 2 weeks ago
Hi Carlo,

Are you on your phone or on the website? You can only copy an entire work-out day in your activity calendar on the website
Carlo Padilla 2 weeks ago
Oh, i see. thank you for the info.
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momarch 3 weeks ago
I want my Whatsup achievement and it's not working... :(
momarch 1 week ago
Did you see my message?
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Magnus Berglund 3 weeks ago

When you add a new exercise it should be able to post your own video.

Kind regards Magnus Berglund, Hälsokonsulterna Tre Kronor, Swden
I saw now, that it works with video to!
Floor Ploeg 2 weeks ago
Hi Magnus,

Good to hear you've found the option already! :-)

Have a great weekend!
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MrStrumpan 3 weeks ago
Some thoughts: On Android devices day planner:

If you have added activity and then press on it:
* By pressing "Exercise duration" I can change: Duration, Distance, Speed. I would also like to enter "Kcal". I use a machine and want to log the data I get from it.

* When you change settings on "duration" I have to scroll back and forth to get the number I want, Is it not easier to just enter the number?
It´s OK to scroll if you want to go 1-5 numbers from the last one, but not 30 (Sometimes I do the exercise 17min, and sometimes 48min).

* I think it´s a little unclear how to setup the activity and how to enter values manual from a training machine. I know you just have to press on the "set number" or "exercise duration".
There is a "Play" and "Info" button, but no "Edit/Set" button.
Maybe there could be a text saying "Edit/Set" or something like that.

* I would like that In the day planner view, long-press on an activity brings up the activity settings.
Markh07 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the suggestions, I've sent them to our developer.

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Anita79 4 weeks ago
there are a lot of challenges and I think it would be great if I could list those challenges that I haven't joined yet... (sorry for my English)
Happy weekend! :-)
Markh07 3 weeks ago
Set the filter to "Recent" to view the latest/new challenges. Don't think you've joined those ;-)
Anita79 3 weeks ago
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Would you like to have a female 3D trainer too?

 Yes, girl power!
 No, Brad Fit is just fine
 Not sure
 Only if she's pretty! :)
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