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This group is for the Android App users! Keep posted about new updates and join the discussion about cool future features. If you do it mobile, join this group!

Guys, you can always get the latest Virtuagym client from the Market on your phone, or via
darius.ger 01-04-2012 19:51
Hi guys. I love the app and the online portal. But I am a runner and I would love to not have to use another app and online portal for my running. I see that you thougt about that too by the poll you initiated. So here my question: Are you going to do a GPS app and if yes, When?


edwin 01-04-2012 20:04
Hi Darius!

Good news: Yes, we are working on a GPS tracking app right now. We expect to have it available within the next couple of weeks.
Are you volunteering as beta-tester? ;)
darius.ger 01-04-2012 20:05
Sure. Why not :-)
Dinky 02-04-2012 12:15
can't wait for this feature, it's been on our poll for a while and people really want it :D
MelB 04-04-2012 13:15
can't wait for it! Now using seperate one for the running and than come back here to fill in the result... But 1 app will make it way easier!

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//AjiD 1 week ago
Hi everybody.
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Hello friends!
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multik122 2 weeks ago
almost ten days have passed since writing letters in support of the answer and solution to the problem is not so far. I'll try to duplicate your question stesu.
After the update appeared fatal error after trying a selection of additional exercises, the phone freezes, then the program closes. Before the update it was not like that.

The device with Android 2.3.6

The second question is, when can we expect a Russification of the application? I'm more than a year using Your program and hear only promises.
edwin previous week
Sorry about the delay - this crash was deep-down in Android & didn't trigger the automatic crash reporting. :( However, we have been able to reproduce it & a fixed version is rolling out now (v3.12). May take a few hours for the Google Play to update.

Re: the Russian version: before the big redesign of the app we had a nearly-complete translation thanks to the hard work of one of our members here.
Unfortunately, the redesign also meant changes in the translation files, and we haven't gotten round to updating those.
Additionally, many of our Russian members strongly prefer an English-language version of the app even when their phone is set to Russian. Due to the way Android translations work, that's not easy to override, and we haven't yet got a satisfactory solution.
If you're willing to complete the translation, and can live with some limitations we're happy to provide you with a test-version. Send me a private message if you're interested.
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Hi guys! I just started using this app 2 days ago and it's very awesome. Hope to see more workouts and more features on it soon.
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MarcioSantos 2 weeks ago
Is anyone else having problems syncing? Everytime i try to sync, it says it failled.
Markh07 2 weeks ago
No problems here. Did you change your password on the website? If so, you need to change it in your app as well.
MarcioSantos 2 weeks ago
No changes were made on my part, i log-in using facebook on both the website and app.
MarcioSantos 6 days ago
Right now, the app is pretty much useless, i can see my achievements, minutes of exercise, fitness points and all that, but i cannot get the app to sync my dailly activities. When i press to sync it says:
Synchronization failled
This is probably a temporary error.
Please try again later. (500)

I have tried changing my password on the website and then on the app to see if it would fix it but i had no luck, it remains the same both on the Android app and on the IOS app.
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Hugo 3 weeks ago
Hi guys, our new iOS app has just been released, so your non-Android carrying friends can finally have an up-to-date version of the app as well! ;)

Please share with anyone having an iOS device (also works with iPad, just make sure you look for iphone apps in the Appstore on your iPad as it will not show otherwise) and have them rate 5 stars! :)

This is a direct link to the Appstore:
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Mad0xx.Im.x 3 weeks ago
Today on my calendar the app suggested to run.

Is there a way for the app to automatically track the distance for the whole workout.

Since no distance was recorded, I added the total distance into one of the exercises, is this the correct way?
Hugo 3 weeks ago
Yes. For automatic distance tracking use our GPS cardio app, which syncs to Virtuagym.
Mad0xx.Im.x 3 weeks ago
Ok, thanks for your answer.
Mad0xx.Im.x 2 weeks ago
Are steps also tracked by the gps app, or how do the app track them?
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boricua826781 3 weeks ago
I've been doing a workout from here for a couple weeks, but just completed my profile today.
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rrusti2014 3 weeks ago
Hiiii :-) Started a few weeks back using only basic exercises and weights and already feel awesome :-)
titusasberry 3 weeks ago
Cool, keep it up!!!!
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Olatek 4 weeks ago
Hello, I started for a week, it's really cool :)
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Would you like a GPS cardio app for VG?

 That would rock
 I would use that occasionally
 maybe, not sure
 I'm not into cardio
 No, only strength training for me!
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